Verona, 15 February 2021 – Here are the comments of Coach D’Aversa after this evening’s match between Hellas Verona and Parma:

“Analysing the game, we got off to a good start, taking the lead and interpreting the game well in terms of attitude. On the first goal we scored for ourselves; but immediately before we suffered three or four crosses, when you take the lead you have to have something more mentally, and not immediately let the opposition score. This is a psychological aspect that most likely depends on our position in the table, from the fact that there has been a series of games without a positive result, you lose some self-esteem, you make simple mistakes in passing, out of fear, and we can’t afford this. When you go out on the pitch you have to try to bring home a result at all costs, beyond the qualities of Verona that we know, they are good at playing with man to man, at being aggressive in personal duels; but we are second from bottom in the standings, we have to give some “tranvata” as Verona did. We have lost this aspect compared to how we were in the past and we must re-find it as quickly as possible”.

Right now, we have to face every match as if it were a final, regardless of the standings. We are behind but what worries me are the numbers, we struggle to score but I’m not referring to the offensive department; We concede goals to the opponent too easily, and again this is a question of team attitude. The numbers are characteristic, if we do not improve in this respect it is unlikely that we will play in Serie A next year”.

We knew that we could have some difficulties physically, mentally there is no more time, we must ensure that we re-find the characteristics that have distinguished Parma in recent years and that have led us to important results. At this moment I can’t blame the boys for anything in terms of commitment, but a lot changes between doing things and doing them with determination, and the difference leads you to achieving results. What needs to be improved immediately is the interpretation in the way we do things, it needs to be done with determination”.

“We took the lead and yet we made some elementary technical passing mistakes, most likely due to the moment we find ourselves in, but if we don’t improve, we will hardly be able to get a result. You have to go on the pitch in a serene way, which means not making technical mistakes, especially when you come up against a team like Verona who are strong play on the front foot; these guys are good technically, it is all the result of how the game is being played. The problem up front? We started the match with Cornelius who shouldn’t have played, therefore he only played a portion of the match; we have a guy like Zirkzee who came from a different league and doesn’t know the language as well as the Italian league. There are difficulties but they do not depend on the individual, they depend on a team mentality, just like the goals conceded: we need to improve in all aspects”.