Parma, 21 February 2021 – Coach D’Aversa spoke in the press room at the end of the match that finished 2-2 between Parma and Udinese.

“It was certainly an excellent performance, but just as certain was the fact we should have done better in the first half where despite being 2-0 up we had other opportunities to score; because when a goal is conceded, then the disappointment returns, the worry, the fear of not being able to bring home a result. Regarding the result, I would like to say that there were some mistakes on our part, but we did not manage the match adequately: the number of yellow cards is remarkable considering it wasn’t a malicious game, but as Parma manager I need to focus on the mistakes we made. In my opinion some incidents were called incorrectly, someone else may have called them differently. I can only tell the lads who started from today’s performance: if we show the spirit that we showed today then it is highly likely we’ll achieve our objective; we must carry on like this.”

“The reaction of the opponents was predictable, but when an opposing team is in difficulty you have to kill the game. This was the mistake of the first half. The physical condition of those who are returning from injuries is not yet ideal; but this is something we can work on, it is the spirit that you cannot work on, but in terms of attitude today, the lads left it all out on the pitch, yet it was not enough to bring home a full result and we will work from the next game to try to seize it”.

“Even at 2-2 we had some resounding chances, so I don’t think we had given up. On the goal situation, Pezzella had got hurt and we were making a change, so we were immediately outnumbered for the free kick; therefore, it was not a question of attitude, because the attitude has always been there. In the first half there was brilliance, aggressiveness and in the second half all this came to a halt, this needs to be worked on and improved”.

“Gervinho and Kurtic were in the squad, my decision was to send them to the stands: they are two very important players, as demonstrated by the fact that they have almost always played with me, but I expect them to give me more, even off the pitch. At this moment there can be no errors in terms of attitude, and they are two representative players, I demand that they always be prepared”.

“Gervinho? Aside from the fact that I sent him to the stands, yesterday we talked about it and we agreed that he would not start from the beginning, because in this period I have used him for a long time and the quality has most likely gone at the expense of the quality of the player; I always thought he could solve the matches for me. Then things happened that made me decide to send him to the stands, but the decision was already made to play Mihaila from the start”.

“Our perspective is to look at today’s performance, there must be discouragement after a match that saw us take the lead and then have it clawed back; there will be regret and disappointment over the result, but also the conviction that if we manage to play most of the game as we did today it means that this team has the qualities needed. There are difficulties, we make mistakes, but we have to work on not making them. The most important thing is the mental aspect. In today’s match we made some mistakes that affected the final result, but this did not only depend on us: we will work on our mistakes, but we cannot influence anything else”.