11 February 2021, Parma – Parma are happy to announce our partnership agreement with REPX (The Reputation Exchange PLC), which will be the Official Partner of the Ducali for the sporting seasons 2020-21 and 2021-22.

The English Public Limited Company, which makes use of cutting-edge technology for its products and range of applications – all patented – and an innovative business model, allows sport and entertainment stars, celebrities, influencers, sports clubs, brands and cities with large tourist attractions to have their own personalised prepaid card, which, with an app, lets them connect with their followers in innovative ways. 

“A range of iconic football teams, in fact, some of the most important in Italy and the world,” the management team at REPX noted, “will soon have branded pre-paid cards distributed amongst their fanbases thanks to the partnership with our innovative fintech. Amongst these clubs, we are honoured that we can name Parma, one of the most prestigious clubs in Italy, with a proud history and a unique regional identity, and we are delighted to welcome them to the REPX family.” 

REPX, due to dynamic and attentive management, along with important commercial distribution agreements, have created their own niche and they are in fact now the market leader in the electronic payments sector and has been further strengthened by patents which make their cards unique.  

“Thanks to the branded prepaid cards from our REPX – Parma partnership,” the REPX management continued, “the Parma fanbase – as well as getting the standard financial benefits of a card – will also have access to an exclusive channel rather than impersonal communications, which will let them interact with their team and receive exclusive news and offers with regards to merchandising, tickets and invites to special events. REPX, moreover, makes payment with Visa or Mastercard a fun social experience, allowing the holder to unequivocally express his passion for the club when using the card and, most of all, gives him access to a world of privileges and much-coveted direct contact with the very object of his passion. The prepaid card will therefore guarantee Ducali fans with a range of personalised services (including the means to transfer sums of money amongst fellow fans at no cost, in real-time and with immediate liquidity on the part of the receiver), further strengthening their mutual bond and loyalty to the team.” 

REPX is a fintech company that is revolutionising the traditional banking sector, combining payment technology and the passion of millions of fans all over the world with social media. REPX give celebrities, influencers, sports teams, brands and iconic cities the chance to monetise their fan base with exclusive, branded pre-paid cards: debit cards and digital products that are produced under license to satisfy legions of loyal followers and fans. Since the outset, REPX’s aim has been to link the most renowned celebrities, influencers, sports teams, brands and iconic cities to their project. Today, after less than one year on the market (and despite the long break in their development due to the pandemic), REPX has developed a brilliant portfolio of partners and brands, which are strengthened by millions of followers on social throughout the world. REPX is working without pause to forge new partnerships in order to grow their pipeline of contracts, with the aim of innovating and, in the meantime, generating maximum engagement among the social media generation in the market of electronic payment systems.