La Spezia, 27 February 2021 – Here are the comments of Coach D’Aversa after the game between Spezia and Parma:

“We lack that bit of serenity due to the moment, when we put in two performances like the last one and then today – where we were superior to our opponent in terms of opportunities created – and we return home with just two points, there is only one complaint. Even at 2-1 we had a chance to round off the result and we didn’t take it, and this should make us think about the fact that in Serie A when you have the chance to score you have to take it. Then it takes more application, more determination in the defensive phase because we conceded two goals in a too easy a manner for our opponents”.

There is disappointment about not bringing home a full result, but there’s also the fact that physically the team finished the game on a high because after the equaliser we had the opportunity to win it and this makes me think that it is more a mental problem than a physical one. We’re angry and regretful because after two games where we could have brought home six points we are only bringing home two, and this would have meant a still difficult but totally different ranking in the table. Getting out of this situation is still possible, we just need to want it a little more in terms of concentration and determination; there may be difficulties during the match, but you have to always be focused and do everything to bring the game home”.

“When a season starts badly, it’s usually always like this; at the moment the number of injuries is always affecting the same department but today we scored two goals despite the absence of all the forwards. The absentees could have certainly given us an extra hand, but we could have brought home the three points anyway because we scored two goals”.

“After returning to the locker room? I got angry, but not because the boys didn’t commit, but mainly because I think today was a very similar situation to Sunday; and mistakes must serve to give us experience. We had the chance to win the match, but we couldn’t take it, and my anger is over the fact that they are showing that they are not inferior to the opposing teams: in fact, I believe that against Udinese and today, in terms of opportunities created we deserved something more. The disappointment and anger is over the fact that we haven’t brought home three points”.