Parma, 4 March 2021 – Here is what Coach D’Aversa had to say in the press room after Parma vs. Inter:

“It was difficult before the match, it’s still difficult now, like it is every year. I don’t remember a footballing year where the situation wasn’t difficult. I think we had an excellent game, against the team first in the standings. The result was helped by the fact that Inter were very good at taking advantage of our misplaced passes. Looking at the scoring opportunities, Kurtic’s comes to mind, but also Man’s header. We finished strongly, trying to find push for an equaliser. In the last minute we had a free-kick and a corner that we could have done better with. We are aware of the fact that we played an even contest against the team in first place, but we need to improve in dangerous situations, in Serie A when you make mistakes you are punished”.

“I don’t see why I shouldn’t think about reaching our goal, after today’s performance, the performance at Spezia and against Udinese where we ended strongly. Let’s not forget that in the most important moment of the season we are playing without our central strikers, tonight I made a stretch by putting in Pellè and Inglese who are still behind in their physical condition. Despite the numerical difficulties, I believe that the team is doing well in terms of performances, physically we finished strongly tonight, so I see no reason to not believe in achieving our goal”.