Florence, 7 March 2021 – Coach D’Aversa had the following comments to say after Fiorentina vs. Parma:

“Although we made some errors, we were good at overturning a match that wasn’t easy, a match that saw us go behind even though we were in the match. While we were naive in conceding these goals, we were equally as good at overturning the deficit; in Italian football, I believe that when the opposing team is in difficulty you must have the personality, the courage, and the determination to kill off the game. What makes me think is that we aren’t learning from our mistakes. The situation with the last goal is a prime example. In life, as in football, you have to be determined, you have to want to bring something home, to be superior to your opponent. And although we faced a struggling team today, we weren’t able to bring home the result we deserved. I think the boys have been superior to all of our opponents in the last few games, except against Inter who are first in the standings. The problem is that they are conceding too many goals, not so much because of the opponent’s skill but because we are doing it to ourselves”.

“The choice to play Inglese was a close one between him and Pellè, as they both have little game time. Kucka played with a broken rib, Laurini played his first game for a long time and ended up with cramps. Playing time also affects how one makes choices, it was already decided that Karamoh and Gervinho would not play the whole game, Gervinho has just returned from an injury and Karamoh has played in a lot of these games and we know how his game ended against Inter. I made these choices knowing the wingers wouldn’t play the whole game. It’s not easy to face the games that you need to win with players who don’t have much autonomy, but today I think they managed the game well initially, and after the changes; the regret is that in the end we were close to it being a different scoreline and bringing home three points that would have been crucial, especially for the mental side of things”.

“Some players don’t know what I want in the defensive and offensive phases; during the match there were moments when they had the advantage, and they were careful to defend themselves without allowing any space. We certainly should have played it a bit tidier in front of their backline, Brunetta played in a role not really suited to his characteristics, defensively he was marking Pulgar but offensively he’s not one who usually attacks from deep; but despite not creating much his work rate made them tired and made them less lucid. In terms of managing the game, apart from the last two minutes, the boys did really well. The regret is about how we conceded the goals, a corner in which they scored with a free header, the second goal on a rebound, showing that we did not have a sense of danger. We cannot continue to throw away games”.

“This team is struggling because we aren’t wining games, not because of our performances, I know it’s difficult but the only way we achieve this feat is if we all continue to believe in what we are doing, and you saw that with the goal we scored in the last few minutes: we have to enter the pitch convinced that we will put the opposition in difficulty. Thinking positively can help us ensure that our goal gets achieved, we must think about what we have to do ourselves and that’s it, in the end we will see how we’ve done. We have to eliminate certain errors, but the performances make me believe that the goal is still achievable”.