Parma, 12 March 2021 – “There’s a beautiful mix within the team, the older lads give advice to those who are younger, and they are really good at taking it on board. This was a very important victory”. These are the comments of Parma midfielder Gaston Brugman, who spoke with DAZN after the victory today against Roma: The table? We’re not looking at it, we’ve been playing a different championship since Coach D’Aversa arrived and asked us to earn as many points as possible. We are a little behind, but this attitude gives us the strength to keep fighting. We have had difficulties in some matches, not really in our performances but in our results which have held us back a little, but now we must carry on like this. The fans really got us pumped up with that video, this victory is dedicated to them. We miss them so much in the stadiums, we hope that we can all be together as soon as possible. We knew that Roma would play with a high line, and that a ball in behind could put them in difficulty, and also because we had two very fast players up front. We studied the game like this”.