Parma, 1 April 2021 – Parma Calcio made a welcome return to the local children’s hospital ahead of Easter, bringing special chocolate gifts to patients hospitalised in the paediatric wards, with thanks also going to the Crociati club partner LOGICA. Accompanying the gialloblù egg baskets were the deputy sporting director and former captain of Parma Alessandro Lucarelli and the medical coordinator Giulio Pasta.

The Covid-19 emergency protocols did not allow the managers, technical staff, or players to visit inside the wards, but Parma Calcio wanted a representative of the club to attend and renew this appointment which is becoming a pleasant tradition alongside the delivery of gifts during the Christmas period.

The delivery of the Easter eggs took place outside, but every little patient will receive his/her gift thanks to the availability of nursing coordinators Giuseppina Nicosia, Maria Luisa Zou, Mara Cauli, Maria Tiziana Farina, Onelia Facini and Claudia Marcatici who, together with Giocamico, took charge of delivering the eggs to the wards.

There to welcome the Crociati group were Massimo Fabi, General Manager of the University Hospital, Director of the Maternal and Child Department Gianluigi de’ Angelis, Director of the Health Professions Department Rita Lombardini, and other of the department directors including Icilio Dodi, Patrizia Bertolini, Serafina Perrone, Emilio Casolari, Susanna Esposito, Pierpacifico Gismondi, Bertrand Tchana and Enzo Romanini.

“Your visit is always very welcome for our little patients, to whom your wishes will be given – said Massimo Fabi – Thank you, as always, for the attention that you show to us with your genuine team spirit”.

Alessandro Lucarelli stressed the lack of being able to exchange a joke with the hospitalised children. “It’s a moment that, from a human point of view, has given us so much too. We will definitely come back here to share in these emotions. We always wish for our players to be present, and we will certainly do so once the Covid-19 emergency is over. We hope that will be as soon as possible”.