Benevento, 3 April 2021 – After the match, Coach D’Aversa had the following words to say:

“From what I saw on the pitch, despite us not doing very well in the first half and despite the opponent’s skill in not allowing us much space, I think the team’s second half effort merited a win. Although we went behind twice, we did well to recover, and we had a sensational opportunity to get a winner with Man. We had a goal cancelled out that could have given us the lead, I won’t comment on the incident, but I think the final scoreline doesn’t really reflect the performance of my lads, so there’s frustration there over not bringing home the three points, which I feel we deserved. It’s normal for the boys to be angry”.

“There are several positives, but there is one negative that we absolutely have to improve on because it is keeping us in the same position in the table when our performances prove otherwise: that is the dead balls, from which both goals arrived. The first came from a free kick, despite us changing the way we defend them, and then from a corner, meaning that we have not improved this aspect yet and unfortunately in Serie A it’s essential to try and not concede goals. In terms of taking our chances we have improved, but we really have to make the most of them, we can’t keep coming back after the match and regretting the chances not taken, just like the defensive aspect, these are characteristics that must be improved if we are to be a team that brings home a result at all costs. To achieve our goal, the support of everyone is essential, both from those who start from the beginning and from those who are subbed on; those who came on today performed well, but our attitude in the second half was down to a team effort. I had wanted to change something at half-time because in the first half we were too slow, and we created little”.

Having gone 2-1 up in our best moment weighed on the final result, but not on the team’s willingness to play; another team would have probably been disheartened, but these guys never give up. There have been many matches in which we have found ourselves ahead and the opposite has happened, or we have had matches like the one against Genoa where we lost despite it being one of our best matches for opportunities created. What influenced us more was the incident of our 2-1, I’m not saying this to cause controversy, but that impacted us more than Benevento’s second goal. In the first half, we were slow at moving of the ball, we didn’t have much rhythm, and when you face a team that has found solidity on the back of two results against Spezia and Juventus, their system today didn’t allow us many spaces. We were too slow on the ball and we weren’t very coordinated in the first half. But it is also true that we played with a different attitude in the second half, with malice and determination, approaching the game more precisely. The main regret is that in the second half, apart from the corner kick situation, I don’t think there were any other opportunities for Benevento”.

“Torino play tonight, so we’re waiting to see how the table looks after that, out of all the teams that are fighting for salvation we have earned a point. The regret is that we could have earned more, we will have to work on our performance ahead of our next game, a very demanding match against AC Milan. We know that if we go out on the pitch with the determination to do things in the right way then we can put anyone in difficulty because this team has quality, which is demonstrated by the fact that I was missing ten players this week because of the international break. It’s clear that understanding between the players is important, it takes time, but the new players are improving a lot, Man played a great game despite being busy with the national team. They are also showing a sense of belonging which is important for achieving the final objective. There are nine games left to tackle with the right attitude, without throwing away points over small details like the match against Sassuolo- this we cannot afford”.