Benevento, 3 April 2021 – After the match, Jasmin Kurtic had the following words to say:

“I’m not angry about the result, because, in the end, the team reacted in the second half and showed things that we should have shown in the first half, which was to be less shy, to take the ball, keep it, create chances. In the second half, we had more of the ball, we were more confident, concrete; then we conceded a goal from a dead ball which shouldn’t have happened. In situations like these, we have to keep it tight and take it home”.

“Whoever comes on from the bench must provide something extra, sometimes it’s possible, sometimes not. I managed to score but working for the team is the most important thing. In the second half, we worked as a team and we took home this point, we do have regrets but in the end, it is a point that carries us forward. For me, Parma doesn’t deserve to be in this position, we must not look around us too much because we are the ones who take to the field, it is not the coach’s or the club’s fault, or anyone else, we are the ones responsible when we step onto the pitch. If we are in this position then the responsibility is mine as well as the whole team, but we are united as we always have been. We are always training to the maximum and we hope to get that victory that makes us take a leap forward. It’s better to focus on what we do, rather than the other teams”.