Parma, 10 April 2021 – After the match against AC Milan, Coach D’Aversa had the following words to say in the press room:

“The difference between the first and the second half was not just the result of changing one player, but by a change of attitude from the whole team. The whole team was too shy and submissive in the first half, they didn’t play like a team that need to save themselves at all costs. We played better in the second half, but it wasn’t enough to bring home a result, despite the fact that we played most of the second half in numerical superiority. Too many players weren’t up to the rhythm of the game in the first half. There was sloppiness on our side as we conceded two goals in far too easy a manner for a team that wants to save itself, especially the second one. After the match was compromised in the first half, the boys still did well to react, to get back into the game, but we have to play over the entire 90 minutes, it happened in Benevento and it happened again today”.

“The time and the potential to save ourselves is there, but the more games pass, the less we can afford certain mistakes and certain attitudes, like in the first half today. Focusing on ourselves and getting the points we need is more important than looking at the other teams. Today we came up against a strong team who just came from a difficult match against Sampdoria, we should have been better at taking advantage of that situation. When you are lucky enough to have a numerical advantage, it’s perhaps influential to not have many offensive players to increase the team’s attacking capability. There were chances for us to get a result, we needed to be more determined, but having said that, Donnarumma showed his worth on a couple of occasions”.

I wouldn’t blame Traorè for the third goal, he is 16 years old, and he brought personality when he came on, he tried several times to get on the ball and get past the man. On that occasion, we failed to give him the support he needed. Even for the second goal, we tried to force a vertical ball that made no sense when we had extra men over on the wing. Everything is likely linked to the situation we are in in the table, which can lead you to think in an unclear way. I don’t feel like placing responsibility for the third goal on Traorè, there were more experienced players out there who also could have prevented this from happening”.

“If you finish the match with 15 shots on goal and a greater ball possession than AC Milan, you have to remember the fact that a large part of the second half was played with a numerical advantage, but it’s not just that. The main regret is that we couldn’t convert the chances that fell our way, in some cases Donnarumma did excellently, while in others we should have done better. We had the chance to get back into it even before the sending off, and this most likely would have changed the final result. It didn’t happen and we’ll have to work on this, it’s not a matter of good luck or bad luck, we have to try to win our personal duels, and not concede such easy goals to our opponents”.