Cagliari, 17 April 2021 – After the match against Cagliari, Coach D’Aversa had the following thoughts to share in his interview with DAZN:

“This defeat will be difficult to forget due to how it came about. In terms of gameplay, we kept it under control for most of the match, so it is inexplicable for us to concede two goals two minutes from the end, despite having had the opportunity to take the lead ourselves at the end. It’s probably inexperience that is causing us to make mistakes, because on that occasion there was a free man inside the area, and we should have done everything to score, and it didn’t happen. Despite this, we conceded again and lost the game. If we analyse the game, the team played well for most of the match, then we inexplicably suffer these blackouts that compromise the entire match. A team that’s playing for survival can’t afford to not convert that chance at the end. Mihaila is a young guy, it was an error of inexperience, but even knowing the opponent’s characteristics, we left them too much freedom. We conceded four crosses in three minutes despite having five defenders, from this point of view Cagliari showed more than us in terms of wanting the result”.

“Kucka is an important player; even when he’s been used up front he ensures balance and personality. Not only did his exit have an impact, but also Laurini who came off with cramps, as did Pezzella. When you are forced into a change due to physical problems, you can be affected, but you can’t blame those who came on. However, as the game went on, the changes worsened us instead of improving us, thanks to Cagliari having more hunger to bring home a result. It is a constant for us in this championship since I arrived: despite deserving different results we return home with draws or defeats, like tonight after being ahead”.

“Communication on the pitch? This aspect can improve, although it is a problem for several teams because there are so many foreign players on the pitch; the most important thing is to convey a sense of danger. When a player like Kuco comes off we fail in that regard, but it is also true that in certain situations in Serie A we need to improve without relying on a more experienced team-mate. If I’m facing a personal duel against a player who I know has certain characteristics, I make sure not to lose him; We’re lacking a certain sense of malice and we can’t let them get crosses in so easily – the last goal they scored is emblematic of this, letting Paredes get his cross in with his right foot and then allowing Cerri to jump. These are errors of inexperience that we’re paying dearly for in terms of where we are in the table”.

“Gervinho not playing? These are assessments based on the week, Gervinho took part in only one training session. If there were no forced changes he probably would have joined, there were two changes left after three forced changes, we were suffering a lot from crosses and I decided to bring on a more defensively minded player”.