Parma, 23 April 2021 – On the eve of Parma vs. Crotone, a match at the Tardini that is scheduled for tomorrow at 18:00 CEST, Coach Roberto D’Aversa answered journalists’ questions in his press conference. Here is what he had to say:

“As I already said before the match in Turin, from here until the end of the season we must face every match with the utmost commitment and try to get the best result possible. Valenti was called up for the last match but I didn’t bring him to the dugout for disciplinary reasons. He’s available for tomorrow. Conti trained with the team today for the first time since returning from injury, we’ll make a last-minute decision about whether to play him, we might decide mid-game depending on how he feels, the signs have been quite positive”.

“There is bitterness, apart from the match against Juventus where the result was comprehensive and there was little to complain about, even if we could have done better because we did well in the first half, but we weren’t able to go into the break ahead, conceding a goal yet again from a dead ball situation. If we think about all those games where we were in there until one incident happened, it could have changed our position in the table, but unfortunately, we continued to make mistakes despite our performances, not least against Cagliari where we played a great game for 90 minutes, but some sort of naivety made us lose. Since I have come in, we have thrown away several opportunities, making us stay in this position as a result; for the quality of the team, we deserve something more, but if we are there it is because we deserve it”.

“Many teams make rotations, even in goal, due to having so many competitions, but this happens less in a single tournament. The choice to play Colombi was a technical one due to the moment, there is a chance that he can play tomorrow too because I think he did well in the last game, regardless of the fact that he conceded three goals. There is little reason to fault him, as is often the case when we concede a goal and it wasn’t Sepe’s responsibility. On the contrary, they were often lesser mistakes than others that have made us concede goals. Now I have to make my evaluations, whoever I think deserves to play, I will let play”.

“Crotone, despite being in their position for a long time, have shown that they go to play the games in a carefree way at every ground, they have a striker who has scored a considerable number of goals, he has certainly preserved that characteristic from when Stroppa coached him. They will come with the aim of playing in a carefree way, but there is no sportsman in the world who takes to the field with the aim of losing. We have to play with the aim of winning, in what way I don’t care, whether good or bad: tomorrow is a game we must win”.

“Was I expecting to be in this situation when I got back? Honestly no, but I have to think about why we are in this position. If we think about the final 15 minutes of each match, we have thrown away an impressive number of points, perhaps now we would be in mid-table with those points. Obviously, there are character limits, we often found ourselves in the lead and we made ourselves recover. Obviously, there have been limitations of character, as often we have found ourselves in the lead and been clawed back. Evidence shows that most of the goals have been conceded from dead balls. There has been work done, such as modifying the way we defend, but in the end, we have paid the price in situations where in the past we were stronger mentally, I probably haven’t been good enough at transmitting my message to the guys”.

“My future? It’s tomorrow afternoon at 18:00 against Crotone. Regardless of the duration of contracts, we must go on with the same thought; Last year I also had a contract but three days from the end of it I was informed that I would most likely no longer be the coach. Today, my future is tomorrow’s match and then the following ones, then at the end of the year we will sit down at the table and discuss everything, as happens every year”.