Parma, 24 April 2021 –I’m happy with the goal today and for those that I’ve scored this year, but I would swap it all with last year’s season which was much more relaxed than this. We have all done little, we should be doing more”. These are the thoughts of Parma midfielder Hernani, who spoke with Sky Sport at the end of today’s match against Crotone:We haven’t done enough to improve our position in the table, which is what we want. As long as we can, we must believe in ourselves. We have to honour this shirt that we wear, Parma is a very important club with a great history. What we have to do is believe in ourselves right until the end”.

“I was playing at Zenit, and when I arrived here in Parma I found a lot of confidence and a smile to play football againcontinued Hernani – Those doubts I had about playing in an important league and in an important team went away when I arrived here. I am very sorry for this situation; I didn’t want it to happen, and I wanted to do more for this team. We have to do more until the end, and honour this jersey”.