Turin, 3 May 2021 – Here is what Coach Roberto D’Aversa had to say following tonight’s match:

“This match tonight sums up the whole period since I have returned, again I don’t think our opponents today were superior to us, but we lacked precision in the attacking phase. We conceded a goal that came from a throw-in, this making us realise our defects in terms of charisma, of determination, which have been constant issues for us and that have led us to lose tonight and be mathematically relegated; I’m also referring to the other games: when the game is tactical, the boys have done well, but when the game gets dirtier, you need to have more determination, personality, and charisma in reading situations. Many flaws have condemned us, even when we have been superior to the opponent, but for tonight I’m only referring to the situation of the goal where we were beaten from a throw-in”.

I believe that Parma, as a club and as a fanbase, do not deserve to be in Serie B. Unfortunately, this is what has happened and each of us must take responsibility. I hope and I am convinced that Parma’s future will be rosy, important things are being built at the Club, this hiccup will not stop the president’s plans for growth. For our part, we have to think about what we want to leave, as there are still four games left. There is a possibility that the numbers could get even worse, we will have to face the rest of the season with dignity because we are professionals, and this I have no doubts about. My future? At the moment there is a lot of disappointment, I have been here for four years and we have earned the right to be in this Serie A, starting from the Lega Pro to then win the Serie B championship and stay up two years in a row. At this moment in time, the only thought I have is that we have been relegated, we will talk about the future later”.

“We have to finish the season in a dignified manner, at the end of the year we’ll have a conversation as a Club, and if the conditions are right and if we think in the same way, I don’t see why I wouldn’t accept this situation, I have already been in Lega Pro in the past, it isn’t a question of division but my personal situation. At the end of the game, I spoke with the referee, I told him that he could have put on a little more added time, and I also expressed my disappointment in seeing a yellow being given to an 18-year-old boy in Dierckx for what was his first foul, but nothing controversial; Aureliano refereed very well tonight. We must take stock of what has happened this year, everyone has to think about their responsibilities and take what we can from this year, regardless”.