Roma, 12 May 2021 – After the final whistle in Lazio vs. Parma, this is what Coach Roberto D’Aversa had to say:

“Tonight’s game was a representation of how it has been since I returned, we hit the post twice but unfortunately we lost because of a goal conceded after about four or five unfavourable rebounds. This game sums up the whole season, we had chances to secure a positive result but, for one reason or another, in the end we are always complaining about the final result. I don’t think it’s a question of bad luck, there have been some limits on our part, but bad luck has definitely been a factor for us this year”.

“I think there is a base here to restart, Dierckx had already played here in the Coppa Italia and he even played an excellent game on that occasion, despite his young age. He has personality and coolness, and he faces the game in a calm manner. Having young players, however, also sometimes leads you to make mistakes. My main gripe is that we have conceded so many goals. This year’s championship proves it, the number of goals conceded is greater, either because of the absence of fans or because concentration levels are lower. Either way, we have committed too many individual mistakes in several matches, which has cost us dearly in terms of results, even though we’ve had good performances. Apart from the match against Bologna and the first half against Crotone, there have been few matches in which the opponents were superior in performance, so my greatest regret is that the boys often came away with less than they deserved”.

“Starting again with Parma from Serie B? For me, Parma has no division, it is a hugely important club, I was honoured when the club thought me to take them from Lega Pro to the division that they belong to, I think it’s an important club, they are the fourth in Italy for European trophies, bringing with it large numbers of fans. At the end of the year, we will sit at the table with the Club, if our plans are similar then the division won’t be a problem”.