Parma, 24 May 2021 – During today’s press conference Parma Calcio 1913’s Managing Director – Sport, Javier Ribalta, had the following to say ahead of the new season:We’re yet to decide who the new coach will be, there are obviously a few candidates and we have a clear idea of what we want. Of course, we want to sort this out as soon as possible. The new coach could be Italian or someone from abroad, their nationality isn’t something we’ll be concerning ourselves with. It’ll be all about their quality and whether they share the same idea with regards to the football we want to play and the Club’s vision. Has an offer been made to Vincenzo Italiano? This isn’t true.

“We still haven’t spoken to Alessandro Lucarelli, we’ll meet in the next few days. This doesn’t mean that he’s leaving: we’ll have a chat to see what role he could play in the new structure we’re putting into place.

“We’ve obviously made assessments on the squad, and now we’re waiting for the new Coach so we can complete the team. Some players will have to stay, we can’t change 20. We need to keep the guys who want to remain and who will lend us a hand because a long and hard league awaits in Serie B. It depends both a little bit on us and also on them: we need to understand who wants to be with us for the upcoming campaign. I think it’s important for them to know to. I gave a clear message a month ago, when we still hadn’t finished the season: we won’t be opening the doors and allowing everyone to leave. However, if a player doesn’t want to remain here and comes to us with a proposal that we consider acceptable, we can take a look at it. Otherwise, they’ll stay: it’s as simple as that. We need to transmit an important message to our players: the Club comes first. We need to do all that we can for the Club, with the aim being to return to Serie A as soon as possible.

“The Area of Methodology will, above all, focus on implementing a certain way of playing that will apply throughout the whole Club, one which is recognisable to all. This is something that many teams in Europe apply. Filippo Galli will be able to elaborate on this more. The idea is that this way of playing will run from the Youth Sector to the First team. Having just been created, it won’t initially concern the First Team as much as it will in the future.

Having two coaches on the payroll won affect our decision when it comes to the next appointment. It’s still early, and we respect Roberto and Fabio’s wishes. We’re not in any great hurry to resolve this matter, but we’re open if they want to find a solution. We’ll respect their choices.”