Parma, 24 May 2021 – Parma Calcio President, Kyle Krause, was interviewed today at Tardini, in the final press conference of the season. Here’s what he had to say:

Thanks to our fans, the citizens of Parma, who never cease to amaze me with the passion with which they welcome me every time I’m here. Today is both the last press-conference of 20/21 and the first of the new season. By nature, I prefer looking forwards than backwards and this type of season encourages us to look to the future. My disappointment with the season gone by is massive, like so many of you out there – that is only natural. When things do not work, changes have to happen and we are here to discuss a couple of changes that we have made. We have waved goodbye to Carli as Sporting Director and D’Aversa as Coach. We wish them both the very best for their future careers in their respective fields.”

I want to take this opportunity to announce Mauro Pederzoli as our new Sporting Director, I will not go into his career and past experience but it is a real pleasure to speak about the promotion of someone already on our staff. Mauro knows Parma, he has had the chance to work with Javier Ribalta in the past and will throw himself straight into the job. I have not yet had a chance to talk about Filippo Galli, our new Director of Operations: he has an exceptional background and is already hard at work building his team. He will bring an open-mind and immense experience to the Club. I would like to mention Massimiliano Notari, new Head of Scouting, too – his reputation is well-known to everyone. This move will also allow us to shift Beppe Corti across to focus on youth scouting, a crucial role for him to take back up given the importance that youth has in building the future of the Club. Last but not least, I want to outline again the roles that Javier Ribalta and Jaap Kalma’s will play: two new significant directors for the Club. Our intent is to continue to refine what these new sectors of the club will do, but they will certainly provide investment to allow Parma Calcio to grow with renewed vigour. I am looking forward to the future, our initial plans for next year will not be changed, we will keep working on the fundamentals – being in Serie B does not diminish my passion for football,  for Parma (as a club and a city) nor for the fans. I am here to stay and to pick Parma back up again.”

“As President, I am responsible for the good and the bad. The good news is that, despite the mistakes made, we can always learn. If there are things, in hindsight, that I would change about last season, I am happy about that. We have to take this season as a moment to learn and allow us to face next season in a more prepared and determined way. Within the Club, any decision that is made is made collectively. Despite that, I am the first to take responsibility for whatever happens and I do not want to dodge that responsibility.”

“The advantage of choosing those that we work with is that we can pick people that share our same vision, but it is still true that it’s impossible to change everything or everyone, even though some staff have been replaced. The most important aspect is choosing staff that share our world view and that are in agreement that we must act in a way that helps both the Club and society. Regarding the new hires, I am sure that we all share that same intent. In the years I have spent in Italy, I have seen football at different levels: so many people have told me that Serie B is even harder than Serie A that I am convinced that they are right: I understand the difficulty of the task we face. We want to build a squad that can win B on the pitch but that can help us also in the long-term. The most important thing is that we win and come straight back to Serie A. Alessandro Lucarelli? I definitely loved working with him; the way I view him is same way I view all those at Parma: we want them to grow within their roles. Even with Liverani I had a good relationship, but he will not be Parma’s next coach.”

“That this group of players only got 20 points is shocking to me. The blame for bad results is always shared, but I have no doubts that with Mauro Pederzoli and the new Coach (who will be announced soon) we can get better results. We have so many good players that are also great people; the solution to try to get us back into Serie A is to have players who are proud to wear the Parma shirt. Long-term, I will have no patience for players who do not show that pride.”

“Today we have a group of Serie A quality players. The intention is not to chase big names to try to get short-term results, we will retain those players in our squad that have Serie B experience and make sure that our roster has players passionate enough to get us back to Serie A. Then, with the Scouting Team that we have put together, we will add the talent that we need.”

“I will be less involved in the transfer market, but even last season it wasn’t me who did the scouting or analysis of prospective signings. I will collaborate in a focussed way with Javier Ribalto and we will make the final decisions. These decisions will be considered collectively, with Mauro Pederzoli, Javier Ribalta and the whole Scouting Team. I have questioned constantly why we have had so many injuries, I can promise that we will do our best to work out why and to avoid that situation repeating itself; when you look at a player there is a delicate balance between training, diet, lifestyle, there are so many elements that must be well-balanced. We will determine if there are more staff members needed and we will evaluate what measures to take, if any, regarding training sessions. When I speak of changes, I am not just referring to staff turnover but also to considering how to improve and avoid certain issues repeating themselves.”

“The stadium? We are considering whether to put it under construction or make gradual changes; in any case, there will be an impact had on fans’ experience, so the decision is not yet made.”