Each of us has our own Theatre of Dreams. For years, mine was the Tardini. I know everything about this theatre: the blades of grass, the turf, the angles, the smells. The Parma bench, above all. If I talk about my stadium, I only see Gialloblù. If I close my eyes and listen to the chants for the Boys, I get chills. I imagine the happy smiles of children after one of our goals, the final whistle, the interviews. And waiting to go out after the match to meet our fans, to shake their hands, look them in the eye and speak from the heart about a victory or a defeat. It is my Theatre of Dreams, the Tardini. I was lucky enough to live it in this way for many years, and to imagine it like this during the long months of this absurd pandemic that has deprived us of so many things, it leaves us so much pain.

In the dugout of my Theatre of Dreams I have always been at ease; I have always been myself. Standing, agitated, attentive, involved. I loved coaching Parma at the Tardini and around Italy! The Gialloblù gave me the most beautiful, interesting, and intimate part of my career; it filled my soul with emotions and taught me to be a citizen of an extraordinary place like Parma, a city populated by exceptional men and women that has a place in the history of our country’s Excellencies. To Parma, to the Club and to all the Crociati fans, I dedicate this letter of farewell, a see you soon that makes me helplessly emotional in the face of this painful separation.

I will always love these colours; I will love returning to my Parma. I will love following the fate of this Club, which is made up of magnificent and competent people and which, thanks to President Krause and his extraordinary family, will soon return to Serie A. I will love imagining Collecchio animated by dozens of girls and boys who will finally return to train and play football in freedom, assisted by coaches, managers and staff who are capable of supporting them, even in their off-pitch commitments, starting with school.

I leave my final thanks to my players, from those who played less often to those who were always present. Everyone, everyone, every single one of them contributed to making my experience in Parma meaningful and profound, at times exciting. I had the pleasure and honour of training them and sharing unforgettable sporting moments with them, made of ups and downs, of praise and criticism, of victory and defeat.

It was never too much.

Lastly, a kind farewell to the institutions and city authorities who have been an example of hospitality and collaboration with me. To the journalists with whom I had the pleasure of mutual understanding and discussion. To the people of Parma who have stopped me in the streets outside the Theatre of Dreams and offered me a word, a piece of advice, criticism or encouragement, or a simple, genuine greeting. I reciprocate it with a cry of love,

Forza Parma!

The Coach,

Roberto D’Aversa