Collecchio, 3 June 2021 – Parma Calcio 1913 are pleased to announce that Alessandro Lucarelli, last season’s Club Vice Sporting Director, is from today taking on the role of Loan Director.

Alessandro Lucarelli commented: “I want to thank the club for this new role – when a new owner arrives this is never something to be expected. I have always been an ambitious person and I will take advantage of this new opportunity to grow professionally at the service of this club and for these colours that I have tattooed onto my skin”.

Managing Director of Sport, Javier Ribalta, remarked: “We are extremely pleased that Alessandro has embraced the club’s course of action – taking on an important role for us that had, until now, not been developed in a concrete fashion. We have all the intention of launching an important path of growth and development, for both Parma and Alessandro himself.”