Parma, 15 July 2021 – Today, during a press conference held in the changing rooms of Ennio Tardini Stadium, the Club made three important announcements regarding the 2021-22 season, which just began.

These announcements involve the new home and away jerseys, unveiled together with technical sponsor Erreà, and the confirmation of PharmaNutra S.p.A. as the Club’s main sponsor through its Cetilar® brand.

The partnership with Erreà began when the club was reborn and continues through its shared values and ambitious goals. The new home jersey clearly harks back to the motif of the historic shirt worn by the club since 1913, with the black cross on a white background. However, for the first time, with a new and unprecedented pattern that brings colour to the classic black cross, which is not merely a solid black but made up of different shades, as if to symbolically unite the two worlds and the two souls of the Gialloblù Club. Another new aspect: You can also find the same graphic pattern of the cross this year along the shoulders thanks to an elegant insert printed and sewn onto the uniform.

The away jersey follows the same model, which marks the return of the iconic and timeless motif of wide horizontal stripes. On a yellow base, the wide blue stripes stand out, featuring the same pattern as the home jersey. The blue though, in fact, is not clear-cut but composed of blue and yellow stripes created thanks to a transfer print. The shoulders, unlike the home jersey, are entirely yellow with no inserts.

The jerseys will be worn by all women’s, men’s and youth teams during the 2021-22 season.

For the fifth consecutive season, Cetilar® will be on the centre of Parma Calcio’s jerseys as the Club’s main sponsor. The brand, more and more known to the general public, has always been active in sports, having brought its brand not only to football, but also to such sports as Motorsport, Running, Sailing and Paralympic Sports.

The renewal of this agreement will mean that Cetilar® will be on not only the first team jerseys, but also on all the Erreà training kits, and will therefore be at the Crociati’s side during their daily work at the Training Centre. The partnership between Parma Calcio and PharmaNutra will continue, as always, also in the medical field, with a continuous collaboration between the team of experts of the company, founded in 2003 by the brothers Andrea and Roberto Lacorte, and the Crociati medical staff.

The press conference was attended by the President of Parma Calcio 1913, Kyle J. Krause, the President of Erreà, Angelo Gandolfi, and the CEO of PharmaNutra, Carlo Volpi, who all commented on the welcome announcements.

Kyle J. Krause, President of Parma Calcio 1913: “It gives me great satisfaction to know that we have two very important companies at our side such as Pharmanutra, with the Cetilar® brand, and Erreà: both have decided to continue to be our partners and we are really proud. The relationship with Cetilar as our Main Sponsor has lasted for four years, while Erreà, who have been our technical sponsor for more than ten years, is represented by Angelo Gandolfi, who is one of the first people I had the honour of meeting when I arrived at Parma, and who with Nuovo Inizio brought Parma back to Serie A.”

Angelo Gandolfi, President of Erreà Sport: “We are proud to be going into this new and important season alongside Parma Calcio. The love that binds us to the city and to the Club is truly great and it has been a constant stimulus for us to always give our best over these long years. For the upcoming season, we have worked hard to propose the right balance between continuity with respect to tradition, and the will to innovate, focusing on not only stylistic research but also technological, linked to fabric. In line with the times, Ti-energy 3.0 is absolutely state-of-the-art, anti-viral and antibacterial. An important milestone that confirms our desire to keep the attention and protection of all athletes as a priority objective.”

“The relationship between PharmaNutra and Parma Calcio is so deeply rooted and based on mutual respect and trust, that the renewal of our agreement for next season was a natural and spontaneous decision, regardless of sporting results which last year, unfortunately, were not kind to the team and the new owner,” said Carlo Volpi, Chief Executive Officer of PharmaNutra. “It has already been four years of Cetilar® being the main sponsor of Parma and more than ten since the two entities successfully collaborated in the medical-scientific field: this signifies that we have created a partnership of excellence, and a solid path of mutual enhancement built through a shared vision oriented towards the future. In recent years we have grown together, achieving very important goals, being strongly convinced that sport represents a concrete educational tool for all generations, based on values such as discipline, sacrifice, sharing and coherence. They are fundamental pillars both in sport and in our company’s reality. They represent the foundations of a common path, which aims to bring Parma Calcio back to where it deserves to be. We worked well with the previous owner, and we are very happy to continue with the new one, certain that even the projects in the pipeline can represent an additional incentive to face the new season with enthusiasm and a great desire to continue growing together.”