Two different, but linked, spirits make up the Club’s unique identity. Parma Calcio 1913’s new, Erreà Sport kits for the 2021/22 season have today been unveiled. The both of them are now available in store and online.

The marketing campaign, done by Erreà and shared with Parma Calcio, celebrates the Club’s strong link with the city represented in its most loved and iconic locations; it presents the two shirts with two perspectives which, like the jerseys themselves, complement each other.

The first viewpoint overlooks the city from above, then alternates with a second that looks at the heart and centre of Parma to form a single viewpoint which symbolically embraces both. The result is one image from two original starting points that are not only about “wearing a shirt” but really are about living and deeply feeling the true meaning of the city. The hashtag “#feelparma” underlines this.

The heroes of the campaign are a group of young people looking towards the future; it is a portrait – painted with a real, fresh essence – of generations tied to the past but with that desire to change and never give in.

In fact, on both kits the continued respect of tradition is evident, rekindled with original ideas. On the home jersey, a brand new pattern brightens up and brings, for the first time, colour onto the classic black Crociati motif, which is not plain but also composed of royal blue and yellow marks, combining the two historical shades of the Club.

Another new aspect this year is that the same graphic version of the cross is proposed to run along the shoulders, thanks to an elegant printed insert sewn onto the kit. The collar is a refined V-neck of a very particular style, finished with two fabric cross inserts. The back of the shirt presents the now iconic Phoenix symbol, embroidered under the collar, and has side slits. It is also of greater length than the front to embellish the line with those slits.

The 2021/22 away strip has a similar design, marking the return of the iconic and timeless pattern of thick, horizontal stripes. On a yellow strip, blue stripes stand out, bearing the same design as the home kit. Actually, the blue is not a solid hue but is composed of blue and yellow mixed in thanks to transfer printing. The shoulders, unlike on the home kit, are entirely yellow, with no inserts.

As always, there is great attention to detail, making a continuous desire for style and research the most significant features of the jersey, made even better by the motivation to innovate the fabric on a technological level.

After its debut last season, the jerseys have again been produced for the upcoming season with the antiviral and antibacterial technical fabric, Ti-energy 3.0, developed by the Erreà Research and Development Department. Tests carried out according to ISO 18184, using the SARS-COV-2 virus, have shown that the Ti-energy® 3.0 fabric in the laboratory has a 99.85% reduction in viral load compared to a common polyester fabric after 6 hours of contact with the virus.