Castelrotto, 17 July 2021 – At the end of the first friendly of this season, Drissa Camara had the following to say:

I’m doing very well, I still want to grow, I didn’t play much last year so I want to learn more. Because of the way I play, I have often been subjected to contrasts, when I was in the Under 15 team I often finished games injured. With Maresca we’ve just started, I’m getting on well with him, I want to grow with the older players. Young people are important here, the President has always said so, we want to grow thanks to the older players and this is very important for us. Having Buffon here is a dream, we’re playing with a world champion, it’s a pleasure to see him on the pitch. Even at dinner we laugh, he asks me if we can up our game and I tell him yes, that we can”.