Castelrotto, 19 July 2021 – Just before today’s afternoon session in Castelrotto, Daniele Iacoponi spoke with journalists. Here is what he had to say:

When Parma’s offer came I accepted it straight away, it’s an honour for me to be here, this is a great place and I’m very happy. At this time last year, I was switching from Eccellenza to Serie D, then I spent half a season at Arezzo in Serie C, and now I’m training with Buffon, I have made really great strides. My main attributes are speed and dribbling, I can take on people on the wing, I’m a right-footer who plays on the left, but I can also play on the right or as a playmaker”.

“Playing in the amateur leagues has built me up as a player, even if my teammates haven’t all made great careers, they are at an age at which they can help you and give you advice, and for me, it was also important to be able to play on less than perfect pitches: It helped strengthen my bones. I understood what it meant to be a first team player, the defenders make themselves heard. My idol is Totti, but right now I’m only thinking about Parma. The goal is to get back to Serie A”.

I feel good around my teammates, they’re players who have had wonderful careers, I admire them a lot; I’m making friends with those that are my age. The Coach has very clear ideas, so it’s up to us to train and concentrate so that the results will come. Technique is fundamental, and I’m at the Coach’s disposal so I will try to grow as quickly as possible to help the team. I have a very normal family, they are very happy, they say I’m making them proud, and this is the most beautiful thing there can be”.