Castelrotto, 22 July 2021 – At the end of today’s training session, Lautaro Valenti met journalists for a press conference.

This is what he had to say:

“Last season was alright, now a new coach has come in and we’re working more on the specifics, we can improve for sure. I think I’ve grown, the problem is that since I arrived I’ve also had some physical problems, now we’re starting from scratch, the Coach trusts me and so there’s all the right ingredients to do well”.

“We know the standard the Coach wants, in my opinion I’m working better, he gets us doing a lot with the ball. We’re working on everything, we have to if we want to get back into Serie A. I started playing as a striker, then I was moved further and further back: I’m happy with my role, even though every now and then I don’t deny that I feel like moving up”.

Taking penalties? If there’s a chance, yes without a doubt, it depends on what the Coach says for each match. Brunetta? I think he’s getting better, also mentally, last year he didn’t have many chances but I think he’s got everything he needs to do well. I saw all the Copa America matches, playing for the National Team is always the dream, it’s a goal“.