San Michele All’Adige, 24 July 2021 – After Trento-Parma, here’s what Coach Enzo Maresca had to say:

“I’m very happy with today’s game; as I said before, at this stage the result matters because winning is important, it helps to build a mentality. I found today’s game very pleasing first half, we’re starting to do things that I want to see and that I enjoy seeing. Compared with the Bochum game, we managed to take our chances. Then, clearly in the second half you could see that we were coming off of two weeks of work, and there were a lot of changes; but I am very happy with today.”

“Sohm at centre-back was not a case of protecting his fitness, I think he can do that job. He was very good today, he’s growing like the whole squad is growing. We’re very satisfied with these two weeks as we have worked so hard and are now starting to show something from that. We have youngsters, like Sohm and Balogh, they all really want to work and help – there were some even younger guys who were part of this training camp, which will have helped their growth a lot. We’ve had two weeks of work and then two or three days of double-sessions, so the idea was to give them a half-day off to recover; we worked on tactical concepts as much as the physical side of the game during the camp. When you concede goals, there is always something to go over – even when you don’t concede, it is worth analysing afterwards! The second goal was, I think, a misunderstanding, the first was something we need to adjust. We have a couple of days before we play Sassuolo; for now the boys will recover for a while, then we will get back to it in Parma and prepare for the next game.”