San Michele All’Adige, 24 July 2021 – After the friendly win over Trento, Coach Maresca also commented on our Serie B fixture list for next year, which was announced during the game:

“The schedule? It is a strong start, but you have to play everyone sooner or later, so it will be a tough start for everyone. We will do our best to be ready for that first game of the season. We started our analysis of the other teams a month ago; for those with new coaches we are analysing what those coaches have done previously elsewhere.”

Our Sporting Director, Mauro Pederzoli, had this to say on the fixture list once it was released:

“It seems a bit cliché but it’s true: you have to play everyone eventually, our concentration has to be solely on ourselves and not on our opponents, given we will play them all before the end of the season. Ideally, you want to face teams that have not fully grown or gelled together. Serie B is a very tight league, on the pitch and in the transfer market, but if I had to mention one team that seem to work in a smart, focused and logical way it would be Vicenza.”