Parma, 1 August 2021 – After the friendly between Parma and Sassuolo at Tardini, Coach Maresca had this to say:

“Finally tonight there were some people in the stadium, it was needed, it’s a good feeling to have that this will be our stadium for the whole year. Hopefully the number of people in the stadium will increase. We held our own against a team that has been playing a certain style of football for a number of years, a difficult team to play against, we created and conceded one for the first hour, until we went down to eleven. Then the fact that we were in August and that we were down to ten players made it harder, as well as the fact that we were up against a team that has been trying to play a certain type of football for years, as well as having players of a high level. Generally speaking, although we had some difficulties, we held our own against an important team”.

“At the beginning we created some chances but I don’t think there was a lack of nastiness, we lacked that little bit of luck to finish; but as long as we create I don’t see a problem, when you do sooner or later you will finish and do so well. From the point of view of commitment and ball possession we did quite well, in some moments we even competed. Vazquez arrived this week, he’s started training but we’ll need a little more time to get him there, the others will get there too, we’ll need time to get all the ideas together, generally speaking I’m happy with tonight. Obviously I’m disappointed with the result, the important thing is that there’s a good overall feeling. Tonight there was proof of this, but we didn’t need it for our goalkeepers, Simone is a very good goalkeeper”.

“We’ll do something in the transfer market to finish off the general idea of the team, for Vazquez it will take a few more weeks to have him in the right place. The goal is to have everyone in place for the start of official matches. Inglese is recovering from an important injury, he’s a priority for us but we don’t have him, as well as Vazquez and Osorio. Tutino? I know things are going forward but I don’t know where we stand for now.”