Ponte Di Legno, 4 August 2021 – Franco Vazquez started working with the group a few days ago, and this is what he had to say from the training camp in Ponte Di Legno:

“Obviously I’m still lacking a bit of form, this is the first week I’m starting work. I’m happy to be here. In a week and a half or two weeks I’ll be ready for the first game of the season, which is the most important thing. There are many here who were at Palermo with me, I’m happy to be here with them, I hope we all do well and bring Parma where it deserves to be. It will be tough, as all leagues are, but a good group is coming together, with experienced people and young players who will do well”.

“Coach Maresca is always the same, only now he’s in charge of it all, in Palermo he was in the dressing room with me. Now the relationship has changed because he’s the Coach and I’m a player. I can see well he’s got the desire to do well, with an overall concept that I like a lot, which is taking control and playing with the ball. All leagues are difficult, but the Coach’s idea is to make us play with the ball, which is the best thing. We hope to do well and have the courage to play like this, I think we have the team to do it”.

“Years ago I was at Parma in a hotel, I came from Belgrano, but then things didn’t work out. Now I’m here, I think it’s destiny, everything happens for some reason and I’m happy to be here. When there are players like Buffon who are footballing legends I think it’s really satisfying to play alongside him, we both hope to do well and take Parma up where it deserves to be.”