Ponte Di Legno, 5 August 2021 – Yordan Osorio joined the Crociati group a few days ago. Here are his first impressions:

“As we know, I arrived slightly later than the others, I’m training to the max, I’m doing good; it took me a while to recover from the physical problem I had but thank God I’m fine and I’m giving my best. Last season it was bad for me, especially for the final result, this year we’re working hard to bring Parma back to where it deserves to be. Serie A is a very difficult league, very physical and tactical, it wasn’t easy, but during this Serie B season I will be one of the most experienced players from this point of view thanks to last year“.

“The game against Inter? We’re also working towards this, it will be a great challenge and we’re preparing very well this week to try to bring home a positive result, but especially for what’ll come later at the start of the league. I really like the fact that the coach asks the defenders to play with the ball, it’s one of my strengths because in the past I’ve also played in more advanced positions”.

“It’s not usual to see two players in Serie B like Vazquez and Buffon, but Parma are an important team and there’s the objective of bringing them back to Serie A. Camara is working very well among the younger players, he’s been growing during this time, he’s been at Parma for a few years now and I think he has a great future”.

“I’ve done similar training before, I feel very comfortable, and thanks to this work on the ball we also train the body, so it’s a well-balanced work”.