Parma, 15 August 2021 – Simone Colombi had his say after Parma vs. Lecce.

“We need to learn from games like these because our league season gets underway in five days and we can’t play like we did today. We did well in spells and played the football that the boss is coaching, but it isn’t enough. We deserved to lose today; we need to wake up. We’re Parma and we need to get this Club back to where it belongs, which is Serie A, even if Serie B is a tough division. I’ve played in this league for years, I know it inside and out; this is not how you win. We’ll roll up our sleeves; we know we need to work hard and, from tomorrow, we will. We’re a young team and we need these experiences, which make us better in the long run. We fell apart at the first error today, rather than coming together, and we were made to pay for that. We played against a strong side, which is used to playing at this level and will be competing with us in the league. We need to learn from this.”