Parma, 17 August 2021 – Before today’s training session, Pasquale Schiattarella spoke to the press.

“I’m very proud to be here, it’s an honour for me to wear this prestigious and historical jersey, I’ll do everything I can to reach the end goal with my teammates. It won’t be easy but we’ll give our all. I know Serie B well, I’ve won it three times; it’s a difficult league, beyond having names on your roster you’ve got to be tough and determined, as well as putting in the hard work, because without that you’ll struggle. In terms of quality, this squad isn’t lacking anything. If we manage to put this all together I’m sure we’ll make it in the end”.

“If we’d won on Sunday we’d be talking about the same things, because we’ve got a lot of work to do, we’re a new team with a new coach. We’re building an idea of the game and during the week we have to work on taking it to the pitch. It’s good that the defeat has come now, so we’ve understood our limits and we can start again from the mistakes we’ve made. Serie B is a special league, sometimes it can look ugly but you’ve got to get the team spirit and the desire to fight together, otherwise you’ll struggle getting results. The other teams will be giving their all against us because everyone wants to beat Parma. We know what we want and we’re working every day to get better”.

“I’ve only just arrived, I’m trying to get into the team’s mechanisms and put into practice what the Coach asks of me. Yesterday marked the start of the last week before the league starts, we’re going to be ready. Frosinone is a top-class team, they’ve strengthened themselves, it will be the classic Serie B game where they’ll fight for every ball, we’ll have to be ready. We’ve got to reset the past year and fill the team with enthusiasm, starting off more willing than ever. The Coppa Italia match was a blip, we’re sure we’ll give our best, the jersey will always be sweaty”.

“Since the year I won Serie B with Spal as a newly promoted team, I’ve seen that this is a special league, I wouldn’t know who to put among the favourites, Parma is one of those teams. I have a fantastic relationship with Grassi, we did amazingly saving Ferrara from relegation. Semplici has changed my career, he has extended it, he has made me become a young boy again in that role from halfback to play in a three-man midfield, I have played consistently in that role in recent years and I’m very happy”.