Parma, 18 August 2021 – After his official debut in the Coppa Italia with the Crociati, Gennaro Tutino spoke to the press at Collecchio’s Technical Centre.

I’m really happy to be here, I’m getting on well with the team and the way the Coach works. We have to keep working. Maresca is a coach who asks a lot of his players, especially in terms of their personality and in the way they approach matches, commanding the game. For an attacker, if things are done well it’s easier, there are more goals; I’m doing well”.

“The negotiations were quite long, Napoli and my agent knew what I wanted; I remained calm and trained. I waited with confidence, now I’m here and I’m very happy. In the last two years I’ve played in the middle, but I’ve always played on the wing, so if the Coach asks me to play that I definitely can. Friday is my birthday and it coincides with the league debut against Frosinone, we hope for something that depends on us, we must start well, we’re playing in this league as one of the main teams, so we can bring Parma where it deserves. The best gift would be winning the match, not only for me, but for the whole team and the fans”.

“This is the fourth Serie B season I’ve played in, the last one I won as well, I’m young but I think I have enough experience in this category, as Schiattarella said, you need that determination and hunger that you can’t be missing in a tough league like this. Serie B is different from Serie A, where it’s almost a given that the first team can win against teams in the lower part of the table; in Serie B the games are all difficult, everyone gives their all. As we have more quality we’ll have to be more aggressive, if we don’t we’ll struggle”.

“I would also include Cosenza among my experiences in Serie B, it was a great season with a great group, just like in Salerno, we created two very united groups. At Cosenza we saved ourselves from relegation, with Salernitana we started quietly but we told ourselves we wanted to win the league. We did it because we were focused on the objective and everyone gave their all for their teammates, we ran that extra mile with the desire to reach the end goal. I think I can bring that fire and hunger, which I’ve had in recent years and has distinguished me, I’ve shown I have the grit and tenacity, without which I would have struggled. We have to be united, this is the only way we can achieve what we all want”.

“Over the last few years I’ve had a few players that I’ve watched so I could try and improve, such as Benzema or Aguero. The latter is a model I look up to in particular. I couldn’t refuse an offer from Parma, the fourth Italian team with the most European trophies, my goal is to return to Serie A next year, it will not be easy; certainty does not come from the names on the roster, but from working every day, as well as from going onto the pitch and fighting to win”.