Frosinone, 20 August 2021 – Following the match at the “Stirpe” here is what Coach Enzo Maresca had to say:

“Both in the Coppa Italia and tonight, it was something that we expected, both because we only started a new project on July 12 and because we knew that some players weren’t in the ideal condition, but they’re important players and to get them into condition we preferred to let them play from the start. In the second half, we dropped back a little too much which shouldn’t happen; in my opinion, the reason is that the ideal condition wasn’t reached by some players and therefore it was something we expected. We are a team that needs the ball to do well, and in the second half we didn’t hold on to it and we suffered. Brunetta is a good player, I like him a lot, he can do even greater things, together with the others”.

You must always have the right balance, we conceded from turnovers far too easily, but these are errors that will diminish as the players’ conditions improve, as well as the quality of the gameplay. I know Vazquez well, he’s still at 50%, we allowed him to play from the start to get back into shape, he has to be fundamental between the lines or as the one making the last pass, as we saw the first goal. Tonight we saw that B is difficult, but there are no easy leagues. Benevento were built to do something important as are many teams that all want to have a leading role. In the end, you have to play a little with everyone. Any coach needs pressure, we must be happy when we have it because it means that we are in there, this is a historic club, we will do our best this year and we get there by growing”.