Parma, 28 August 2021 – Before taking to the field for the final training at Tardini ahead of the match against Benevento, Coach Maresca spoke to the press. This is what he had to say:

It’s been a week in which the lads have worked very well and I think we feel good for this important match: we’re talking about two teams who were both in Serie A last year. The transfer market? This is true for any team or coach, we know that as long as there’s an open market anything can happen in and out. New players have arrived, it’s always a shame to work from day one with players who have to leave in the end, but these are market dynamics that unfortunately we can’t control, especially the outgoing ones, but those coming in that’s on us”.

I’m always of the opinion that you’re missing a lot, even when you feel good you can always improve. We always have to think that we can improve a lot, we must grow. In the last game, especially at times in the first half we did better than in the other official match, our idea is to make part of the first half first 45 minutes, then 60, 70 and so on. At the moment we are going in sections, we continue to grow in order to be balanced for the whole match.

Today we worked on finishing, Gagliolo in this moment is one of our players and we’ll take him into consideration. Inglese is doing better, during the week he trained well with us, he’s part of those players like Mihaila that until today we practically didn’t have, they’re important players for us but they need time to recover, we’ll bring them into shape to get the best out of them“.

I’m happy for us but also for the fans who get to come back to the stadium, for fan to be there it’s great. The boys are working to their max, we are approaching the moment when both the fans and the team, and everyone in general, deserve to start winning games, I’ve got the feeling that we are close and I hope that tomorrow can be a good day both for the fans coming back and we’ll see a win.”

Benevento are one of the relegated teams, they’re a strong team. It has almost all the same team from last year. Any club can talk about Parma being the only favourite, maybe because unlike the others we don’t hide, but I don’t think Benevento are built not to get promoted, just like Monza, Brescia or Cremonese. Benevento will fight to go up until the end, along with us and other teams. After August 31 everything will be clearer, there’ll be no more transfer market, for us and for the boys it will be a more comfortable situation. As long as there is a transfer market anything can happen, it’s a shame that there are players who can play tomorrow and then have to move”.

After the break, in terms of physical condition, it will perhaps be easier for us to manage, there are players who are recovering or who have recovered but are not yet fit. With tomorrow’s game and the two weeks of work that we’ll have, after the break we’ll have them all fit and I think that will change things a bit. The first two games are a bit different, they come with the open market and after the break, but they are games where the points are equally valuable. We’ll get fitter as the days go by and I have a feeling we’re close to that click that can give us what we need”.

We conceded enough at Frosinone, especially in the second half, not so much in terms of chances, but I’m talking about the pitch. You concede on the pitch for different reasons, we went down because of the condition of some players, who weren’t at their best. We conceded at the restarts, but nowadays football is all about restarts, especially if you want to put them forward. If you wait you don’t allow any. Vazquez is one of the players I know best, the one we saw in Frosinone is still at 50%, he’s getting to his best physical condition, as are Tutino and Schiattarella“.