Parma, 18 September 2021 – Before today’s training session, Coach Maresca spoke to the press ahead of tomorrow’s game against Cremonese (20:30 CEST). Here are his words:

Tutino is unavailable but the others should all be there; we’ll see in training. Osorio is still out, Balogh is recovering, the latter is further along but probably won’t play. Inglese could start; he trained for pretty much the whole week. As I said last week, it isn’t an issue; we have other options, and our priority is to get him fit and firing”.

We’re trying to grow game by game. As well as consistent results, we need consistent performances. The game will be a tough one; I think that Cremonese are one of the teams that will compete with us for promotion. They have some great individuals and are technically very sound. Parma are the team with the best passing accuracy? We’re only at the beginning; I’m of the opinion that we have a lot of room for improvement – these stats are only good if they come with victories. We need to improve in possession and understand that you aren’t only in possession when you have the football. Rather than dropping deep and suffering, as we have done in recent games, we must learn that you often need to act off the ball, even when in possession. You have the ball, but also the chance to recover, to dictate the play, to get back into your shape and then attack again”.

“I know that people tend to look around them – I do the same. There’s always something to learn, especially for me as a young coach. I really like the look of Fiorentina; they work really well off the ball. Del Prato started on the left against Pordenone and then switched to the right. He’s the kind of player that’s important to have because he gives us more options; he can play through the middle too”.

It’s an extra push for us to have the fans behind us at such a nice ground. One of the things that convinced me to come here was the memory of coming to the Tardini as a player; this stadium was amazing and playing here has to be a source of motivation for us. I hope to have the fans as close as possible. Football belongs to the fans; we hope that bit by bit, we can have more fans at the stadium”.

“For Sohm, there will be some moments in which he will move up into midfield, up until now he has done so with the ball without giving us a hand in defence. There’s also the midweek match where everyone will be needed, and we have already shown our strength in Pordenone where we made several changes but the team was still up to par: If you want to play an important season, you have to maintain a certain level, even when you make a change. We always try to adapt to our opponents, and until now the idea has almost always been the same, but from a tactical point of view, some small changes can be made. For example, against Benevento, we used the striker in a different way than in other games because there were spaces from which we could benefit”.

“We’ve worked on the defensive side of things from the beginning, but there has been an improvement in the last few matches with the arrival of some players. When the market closes you have a certain squad that you can work with. At Pordenone Danilo, Del Prato, Coulibaly, Correia, and Mihaila all made their first start of the season. It wasn’t easy to have them all make their debut in the same match, which is another reason we had to be satisfied at the end of the game”.

“With five changes available, you can change 50% of the outfield player, it happened against Benevento with Mihaila who came on and scored, it happened against Pordenone with Inglese and Man. Those who come on during the game can be very incisive, so you must have people prepared to make an immediate impact and players who can come on and make themselves useful. I noticed that Sohm could do that kind of work, he’s putting the effort in, I see a growth in his understanding of ideas. With Del Prato, the club was very good at understanding my need and we found a suitable player. Cobbaut can do many things, Valenti himself can play centrally as well as on the left. Brunetta has played as a midfielder and as a forward. I like players who can play multiple roles, it gives the team more options. Bernabè? He’s doing better, he has started to move, but we need more time, we’re all waiting for him here. Traorè still has a way to go, he has come been inactive for quite a while, so he is doing his best to get into condition”.