Terni, 22 September 2021 – At the end of today’s match with Ternana, Coach Maresca had the following words to say:

“In our best moment in the second half, when we started to create a few chances, they scored their goal. And at the first sign of difficulty, we threw it away, it’s happened in other games, I even said so at the end of the two wins we had in the league, that the problems weren’t over. It’s part of the process, there have been some better performances and some less so, we just have to keep working until we find consistent results and performances”

“The goal changed the energy of the game. When a match is finely balanced, whoever takes the lead usually takes it home because they have the advantage from a mentality point of view. We will do everything we can with our work to stop this run of two defeats, it is the only medicine that will do us now”.