Terni, 22 September 2021 – Enrico Del Prato offered his thoughts at the end of the match with Ternana today:

“We wanted to give a good showing after the defeat against Cremonese, the first half was quite balanced, but after the first goal came from a dead ball our legs went a bit. They defended well and it became more difficult. The 3-1 came when we were pushing forward hoping to be able to score an equaliser. It’s a heavy defeat, until their first goal we hadn’t taken any great risks. We needed a tougher performance, and we were doing so up until they took the advantage”

“There are moments, when you concede goals from dead ball situations, we know that you have to stay focused, and we have to do better at not conceding these chances. In Serie B, the teams are very prepared for these moments. I don’t think it’s a mental thing, conceding a goal like this after having had a few chances isn’t easy to swallow, then the 2-0 goal came and cut off our legs. We now have another match against a team that’s doing very well, but we must understand that all teams will be tough to face. I’m convinced that, with the work we’re doing, we’ll find the balance”.