Parma, 24 September 2021 – In collaboration with the Club’s Main Sponsor Cetilar®and Pisa Sporting Club 1909, Parma Calcio 1913 are pleased to announce a new charity auction. The match at 16:15 CEST on Sunday 26 September will mark the start of this fundraising event.

Cetilar®, a brand of the pharmaceutical company PharmaNutra, which has been the Main Sponsor of Parma Calcio 1913 and Pisa Sporting Club 1909 for years, wanted to honour the upcoming match with an initiative that will see a charity auction take place. Indeed, four official shirts belonging to the two sides will be made available on the weekend of 19 February 2022: the two worn by the captains during the first fixture and two that were donned by players who stood out.

A special patch applied on the inside will make each shirt recognisable and unique, transforming them into rare collectors’ items for fans of both teams. The money raised from the initiative will be donated to hospital wards in Parma and Pisa, the details of which will be announced when the sides face each other later on in the season. At that point, the clubs will officially confirm how it will be possible to take part in the auction.