Parma, 1 October 2021 – On the eve of SPAL vs. Parma, Coach Maresca had the following to say to the press at Collecchio:


SPAL are a team that play good football. Clotet has been doing well for a good while now, including last season at Brescia. We’ll see whether our ideas are similar or not, but he’s certainly doing well. I expect SPAL to produce an intense performance where they’ll try to get the ball off us quickly. They’re good in possession and possess quality thanks to the players they have in the middle of the park, with Viviani and Esposito being two examples. It’ll be a great challenge.”


“On a tactical level, we haven’t stopped bringing the full-backs inside; it depends on the opponents. Pisa started in a 4-3-2-1, so it was better for our full-backs to stay out wide where there was more space. It’s a matter of finding solutions based on who we’re playing.

Bernabè is doing better. He had a check-up a few weeks ago and his condition is improving. It is, however, a slow process. He’ll be here in the future: this is important for us, for him and for his family. Osorio could be available again after the international break; he’s already been involved in a few training sessions with us. Things are moving along more slowly for Camara because it was a severe injury. Yordan, meanwhile, came back from injury, recovered, began playing and was doing really well. He was one of the best performers against Benevento but then, unfortunately, got injured again. We have other guys who have come in for him and are doing really well; we have great confidence in them. Their ages should also be taken into consideration: against Pisa, we lined up with a four-man defence that consisted of three players born in 1999 and one born in 1997.

“We have various penalty-takers: Tutino, Brunetta, Vazquez, Inglese. We’ll decide who steps up depending on who’s on the pitch. Traorè is a mezzala and is getting into good physical shape; he’s training but hasn’t reached peak condition yet. As regards the table, it should be looked at later on in the season, between February and April. The important thing is to be in contention during those months. The season has just begun; there are teams in lower positions that will improve and vice versa. This morning, someone told me that during Parma’s last promotion-winning season to Serie A, they went on a run where they won once in ten games. Nevertheless, they still went up. Seasons are long and the important thing is to keep making steps forward, as we did against Pisa, where, in terms of our intensity with and without the ball, we probably produced our best performance of the campaign. It was a young team, too: the defence; Mihaila, who was born in 2000; Felix, who is 20 years old; Tutino is also only 25. We’ll slowly get there.

Coulibaly has done really well in the last few matches, but we’re talking about another young player. Youngsters can sometimes produce a lot at certain times and, for various reasons, not do as well a month later. We’ll see how he responds to playing regular football.”