Parma, 23 October 2021 – After today’s training session at Collechio Sports Centre, Coach Maresca met with journalists to speak about tomorrow’s match at 16:15 CEST against Reggina.

“We’ve already seen that, against us, all the teams approach the game as if it were a final and that’s the right way for it to be. It’ll be a complicated game in a tricky environment, we’ll have to adapt, we have worked very well again this week. We’ll go into it prepared for the environment and ready to have a good game. We had some problems with Del Prato and with others, there are still 24 hours, and we’ll see, with all these games, someone may have some problems. The shooting data is right, it’s okay to look at it but then you need a broader analysis. We scored 12 goals having created more chances. The important thing is to create. Several players have scored, it’s a feature of our game to bring several players into scoring opportunities”.

“I understand that the coach and the players are judged by results and points, but I’m completely satisfied with the work done against Monza, we should have deserved something more but our path is the right one: we have created a lot. Reggina have had a strong start, they’re aggressive and play well, it’ll be a similar match to those we have played so far, in general, all the teams in the league are complicated to play”.

“Having Vazquez represents something extra, he’s a fundamental player, in the matches in which he was disqualified, we were lacking something. Tomorrow he will give us something more. I expected to be where we are, I know how difficult it is to change the mentality with a different style of football as well as changing different players. I know that we’re judged by the points in the standings, I think it’s a reality to say that we would have deserved a few more points “

“Danilo is important on and off the pitch, we have players who can play in his role, even young players like Balogh who was in the first team squad for his national team. The responsibility of being Parma coach doesn’t weigh on me, for me it’s a privilege; we have about ten lads aged 21 and under and they could it could weigh on them more, this is the situation, and we need to work with them. Why does the data say we do better in the second half? I’d instinctively say it’s because our physical conditioning is good and therefore we grow into the game, it’s something normal: for the football we play, the opponents at first keep the pace and then drop. It happened with Cremonese, with Pisa, but not in Ferrara”.

The atmosphere on Sunday is how we always want it to be. I think the whistles at the end were more for regret for not having won and because in recent years at home we’ve provided little satisfaction in terms of victories. Sohm is unwell, he had a fever and has stayed at home”.