Parma, 20 November 2021 – Following the Crociati’s training session at Collecchio today, Coach Enzo Maresca spoke to the press ahead of tomorrow’s 14:00 CET kick-off against Cosenza tomorrow. This is what he had to say:

“We need to have the right spirit: we come into this game on the back of a bad defeat where we suffered a complete blackout. We have many games left to play and mustn’t stop because of a loss, even if it was difficult to digest. We’re ready to go again. The support of the fans is vital during the week and when we play, it’s up to us to bring them closer. This happens when supporters see passion and results. I’m sure that we’ll achieve this, but we need to put in the hard work. Nevertheless, the fans have always been by our side from the start of the season.

“We need to improve our shooting in the final third. But, as I’ve always said, things need to be analysed game by game. In our last match at home, we had 4-5 clear opportunities. We’ve had chances in every game, but I agree that we need to improve in the final third.

“Against Lecce, there was a blackout. We went into that fixture on the back of two good performances, so we need to build on what we did in those games. For different reasons, there are various sides ahead of us in the process. This includes those who have been working with an idea over a slightly longer period, those who have changed very little and those who have come close to making it to Serie A on a regular basis in the past few years. This doesn’t take away from the fact that we need to understand what isn’t working, trying to improve and bridge the gap with these teams in the process. How do we do this? Through hard work and growth. We need to remain cool and understand that the team have begun a journey of growth that was unfortunately interrupted in an abrupt and unexpected way, but now we need to continue with that growth and, in time, reach the level where the teams ahead of us are.

“In Zaffaroni, Cosenza have a coach who I admire and is doing a good job. It’s not easy to score first against them: they defend well and a lot of patience will be required. We need to try to win with our ideas and remain calm. They don’t give a lot away, goals don’t tend to come early in games against Cosenza.

“There are still eight matches to go until the transfer window. We’re currently eight points behind first place; we’ll see what has happened with the league table once our upcoming games are over. We’ll arrive at the winter break with clear ideas and will be aware of where we need to intervene. It was good that we’ve had the recent international break: it gave us a chance to analyse the things that aren’t working in general.

“For Buffon, it’s a special moment on a personal level, we hope he’ll be celebrating the anniversary with a win. This would be positive for him and for everyone. Dennis Man is working really well, he’s one of the most important players we have. We’ll take him into consideration.”