Como, 28 November 2021 – His second penalty save of the season, his 24th during club career in all competitions and his eighth for Parma. Gigi Buffon, timeless and still with the same desire and efficacy of the young Gigi back during his youth days, after his umpteenth great performance, he spoke to Sky in the press room.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m fine, I feel good, I know that I made the right choice coming back to Parma. I have always played for my teammates, for the club, for myself, but I have also played for the people. For me coming back to Parma meant playing for them, for those who say to me every morning as I go down the street ‘go on Gigione, take us to Serie A, we are clinging to you’. For me those moments are priceless, they are what keep me going, they are the things that make the difference and make me feel good as I do. I’ve always had to fight off the clichés even when I back it up with proof. After Lecce, when we were losing 4-0 at half time, I had to deal with people jumping on the bandwagon of saying “but why didn’t Buffon retire?”. But all this only fires me up even more, it spurs me on. The fool says something and I cling to it, then I work to prove them wrong”.