Parma, 30 November 2021 – On the eve of Parma vs. Brescia, matchday 15 of Serie BKT 2021/22 scheduled tomorrow at 18:00 CET at the Tardini, coach Iachini spoke to the journalists in the press room of the Technical Centre of Collecchio.

“The unavailable players? Balogh is out with a problem and I don’t think the others will be in the squad either. We have to do with the guys who are there. I’ll see the team today after the day off because we came back at two in the morning, we played the day after Brescia, so they’ve had an extra 24 hours. Those who played were obviously very tired, I’ll see them again today: between this afternoon and tomorrow morning, we have to prepare for the match against a strong team, who started according to the predictions at the top, with players of quality and experience. We’ll have to play a perfect game in all aspects. Inzaghi has already moulded his team, we’ll have to play a great game in terms of attention, organisation and attitude in both phases. Right now we would have needed the chance to get to know each other for longer, to work on different aspects, but we look ahead. We’re trying to do our best with the guys who are less fatigued and who might have the chance to start, but I’ll make this assessment between today and tomorrow morning because the second day after the game is the worst day. Between tonight and tomorrow morning we’ll make assessments with the medical staff, we’ll see who will be ready and then we’ll decide.


“We’re evaluating all the lads, playing with more forwards doesn’t lead to you scoring more goals or winning more games. We have attacking midfielders like Vazquez, Brunetta, Man, Mihaila: we are evaluating it every match, trying to decrease the distances between the positions to shorten the spaces and get more link-up which does the leg work for us: to organise these moves from the point of view of intensity to attack the spaces you need to make a big step up, so we are working step by step. We’re evaluating the players available day by day, and these games will give us answers as to who is and isn’t feeling well. It will take patience because there are only a few days, but this is the situation, we make a virtue of necessity: repeating the work in possession and non-possession gives us mechanisms and therefore better organisation in the two phases, as well as the work on the details that will allow us to make a leap in quality.

“My past at Brescia? I’m concentrating on the match, we did a great job at Brescia in Serie B, it was a great experience in my career; but tomorrow Parma is the only thing on my mind, we’re playing at home, let’s try to play a good game that will help us evaluate some of the things we’re working on”.

“Brescia are well set-up, they are versatile, they can play with three or four at the back, in the middle they can exploit the trequartisti, they can exploit forwards and midfielders who cut inside; they can go with five at the back or they can play 4321. They have many gameplans which is also their advantage: theirs is a situation that we can reach with time with our own players but we have further steps to take. They have quality, experience, they can exploit the absences as well and they know how to affect the game. They have a strong attack, many of them have been in Serie A. At the same time, we are Parma, we have to go on the field with the right attitude, front of our fans: we have to show up and play well”.


I am not worried about the work ahead of us, I am curious to see how it goes and find solutions to our current problems. The game plan depends on who we have available and how I want to use them. I’ll have to assess that in this first phase. A lot will be determined by the recovery of the lads, we’ll be playing after a day and a half against an opponent who has had an extra 24 hours to prepare especially recovery wise. I’ll put together a side based on the characteristics of the players who are feeling up for it”.

Krause is a president who is very attached to the team and to the club, he wants to do well and this is of course normal for a president who arrives by buying the club. He wants to achieve results, the first season and a half was not very positive but it can happen when you make big changes. Going forward he will need to have clearer ideas and I will try to help him to ensure that Parma becomes more and more of a unit, more and more of a team that can perform well in this league and in others. We are building a new path and only by working on the field can we become more and more of a team and grow. Those who go out there onto the field must give it their all to improve and to develop in order to make Parma return where it deserves to be: this is the goal”.