30 November 2021 – Parma Calcio 1913 are proud to contribute to the “Parma Facciamo Squadra” campaign and the “Anolino Solidale” initiative and, in the process, join an entire community in coming together to promote solidarity and fundraise for those in particularly precarious situations. In doing so, our Club demonstrates its constant commitment to these values and the local area. This evening, President Kyle Krause, wife Sharon and Crociati Corporate Managing Director Jaap Kalma paid a visit to the Centro Sociale Anziani “Il Tulipano” in Parma, where, with the help of 1600 volunteers, anolini (traditional stuffed egg pasta from Parma) are currently being produced. President Kyle Krause was there for just under an hour and learnt all about the history and tradition of the anolino, also seeing the finished product up close and helping to make some himself.

This is what the President had to say: “We’re delighted to be here to be part of the team and help those in real need. As a Club, this is a commitment that we’ll continue to devote our time and resources to. We want to team up with the city of Parma and all those who live here. This is why learning about Parma’s culinary tradition and culture is both wonderful and valuable.”

Arnaldo Conforti, director at CSV Emilia: “This partnership with such a prestigious Italian entity in Parma Calcio 1913 makes us very proud. We believe that this collaboration between the professional sports world and the third sector is a further sign of how the whole city is teaming up to become a true educational community for our young people.”

To support the “Parma Facciamo Squadra” campaign, it is possible to purchase anolini or make a donation by heading to www.parmafacciamosquadra.it. The proceeds will be used to carry out educational projects for boys and girls aged between 11 and 19. Production will continue until Sunday 5 December, with 3000 kilos of anolini set to be made.