Parma, 1 December 2021 – At the end of the match against Brescia this evening, here is what Coach Iachini had to say in the press room at the Tardini.

“We would’ve wanted to start differently, a bit more like the team in the second half, aggressive and intense, taking better advantage of the flanks to go inside and play how we had prepared to before the match. That said in a day and a half, we didn’t have much time. We made too many mistakes in the first half, which gave Brescia too many chances. We need to manage our possession, dribbling, direct play, clearances and passing better. In the second half, we did this and we were much more of a team, in the first half we also conceded from a set piece where we had to be more careful, we changed our marking and we shouldn’t have done it. In preparation we told ourselves to be more careful, conceding after five minutes affected us, we are trying to get out of midtable and now we are feeling the pressure, we were missing simple passes out there. We had technical players in the middle to try not to miss these balls because Brescia have quick players who can move up the pitch, so we had to be sharp on the ball. We weren’t able to do that because we were too timid, especially after the goal. When we came back onto the pitch after the break we had a different attitude, we were better on the flanks, the team was a team: that’s the spirit, the attitude we need to have. We pushed Brescia back, conceding almost nothing and getting enough control to get the game back on track. The team I want to see more of is the one from the second half, that’s how we prepared to play. The team dropped their heads after the first goal and that can’t happen again. The spirit must always be the same, we can’t be intimidated or back down, we have to keep pushing forward. I’ll start from the second half. We faced a Brescia who know how they want to play and have shown their experience and quality. We need to consider all the absences and quick turnaround that we had to deal with. We knew we had work to do before this game and that hasn’t changed”.

“I want to see the whole group in these games, I don’t have the chance to do that in a friendly: but playing matches so close together does mean that when someone gets tired then I have to make changes and this allows me to put someone fresh on and evaluate other guys. The coach’s job is to improve each member of the squad, to help them grow and become a team. I have experienced similar situations in the past, this is a team that comes from relegation and has changed a lot, young players have arrived. The group is coming together, we weren’t in a good place after the break, we were already closer to the relegation zone instead of the playoffs, we must go back up and to do so we have a lot of work to do. With a bit of luck, we would have got more points: in Como, we could have got a goal towards the end and today we had three chances with Inglese, Tutino and Juric. It didn’t go our way but there was the right attitude until the very end, but we should have started the match with that spirit from the second half, as we had prepared it”.

“In the first half we gave the ball away too many times and if you do this too much you’re going to stay behind, in the second half we made fewer technical mistakes, we pressed more and this allowed us to stay higher. Schiattarella? He’s been out for a month and if you’re sat on at home and you can’t train then when you come back and you have to play two games in three days; then I only see him when he’s on the pitch and he struggled today. We knew we’d have some players returning from injury, someone else is out and we have several players who still need to get back to full fitness. We didn’t lose today because of him or anyone else, the problem was our attitude in the first half. Having said that, congratulations to Brescia, you can see they’ve been working together for months. In the second half I saw attitude, aggressiveness, desire to press and close down the spaces, we knew we had work to do, we would have needed a few weeks of work together but it’s still not an excuse. Looking forward, we’ll work from the second half looking for that kind of intensity and determination”.

“When you’re a bit timid, you instinctively drop back a bit and today that happened, we had to push higher. I expected certain difficulties, we are working to develop in many aspects. I’m evaluating everyone, the guys who came in did it with the right attitude, they must also show more personality without fear because they have the qualities to fill our ranks. We need these guys in the matches to come and we need to go and get points”.