Parma, 1 December 2021 – Alberto Paloschi’s relentlessness and competitive ferocity in front of goal.

Nicola Pavarini’s confidence and calmness between the posts of his own goal.

These resources allowed Parma Calcio, on a Serie B evening, to beat Brescia at the Tardini

Sunday 22 February 2009, the postponed 27th day of the championship.

With that 1-0, against a team that was only one point behind us in the standings, the Crociati went up to second place alongside Bari.

The leader, two points ahead, was Livorno.

In the 37th minute, Paloschino, quick and ruthless, after intercepting Leon’s shot, took a touch with his right and then struck it past Emiliano Viviano with his left.

Then Pavaro rose to the occasion with four big saves to deny the visitors an equaliser.

One of them was Davide Zoboli header, then a couple of attempts from distance by Roberto Baronio and the standout save being when stopped Maurizio Nassi’s shot in the 74th minute.

For Parma Calcio, it was another big step forward towards promotion to Serie A, which came three months later.

This is the moment from Crociati History that we wanted to relive a few hours before tonight’s Serie B match Parma vs. Brescia at the Tardini.

In the photo: Paloschi celebrating and the Curva Nord cheering at the end of the match.