Felino, 12 December 2021 – At the Felino castle, during the evening organised by Parma Calcio and dedicated to the sponsors and partners of the Crociati society, the club’s President Kyle Krause analysed the current situation of the club and the Gialloblu Project.

Here is what he had to say:

“As you know it’s been a difficult last 15 months for the ownership because of Covid, but Covid is certainly much more important than our situation that we have right now. I think a relationship with the fans is critical, the fans are the most important part of Parma. For me I enjoy every day walking down the streets of Parma and having a chance to say hi to the fans, I look forward to being able to do more of that and engage with the fans, to get that connection back that we have lost through Covid. And I think also with everything going on it’s also been hard to communicate what the long term project at Parma is and to communicate this to the too.”

Obviously, we are in a much more difficult situation than what we had planned at the beginning of the summer. but if you look at the quality of the players we have, some younger, some more experienced that played in Serie B and some very experienced ones who have played in the Champions League. It’s clear the quality is there and you can already see what Iachini has done.

“It’s a long-term project, it will take several years to get the project we have in mind fully realised. One of the main aims of the project is to integrate young talents through the Academy so that they can get to the first team, and this is also a long-term project. For this to happen you need adequate facilities. Part of the project is therefore to improve the facilities for young people. As we work towards the long term goal of getting promoted, we have to look at the small steps, looking at how we played in the first half, then 60 minutes then the whole game, that’s how you build.

“The idea is to use the stadium not only for matches but on a daily basis, otherwise it is a waste of space. There is a bit of frustration, we still haven’t received the answers from the authorities that we should have received by law at least 120 days ago. The project continues, we must work out how to get around this impasse, remembering that the project is important for the city and also for the Region. Having a stadium that is also usable for families is a vital element for success in the world of football.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sport, there is always a correlation between revenue and success go hand in hand, and we need to make sure we have a project that is successful so we can spend more. I wish I could be pure and say it’s all about putting 11 players out there, but you look at the clubs who are most successful, they have the highest revenue. Don’t tell me children but it’s a simple cycle, the more revenue just means more money back into the squad. 

“I live this like all of our die-hard fans, to be honest, I didn’t expect Serie A would be so hard. I’m lucky enough to be the President but at the end of the day I’m a fan, I walk home from the Tardini on a Sunday night and I’m angry, frustrated, like all the fans. When you look at the talent and experience that we have all over the pitch, we shouldn’t be where we are now. But that’s why I feel like we can improve, we have the talent to do much better. Of course, there is also the transfer market, where we might look to improve the squad, but we have a good base of players this year. We didn’t expect to be here, but Serie B, like Serie A, is difficult, the most important thing is to keep on improving.