Parma, 21 January 2021 – At the end of the match against Frosinone (0-1), Coach Iachini met the journalists in the press room of Tardini.

“It has been a month in which we have worked hard but in which unfortunately we had some problems, especially in the attacking department. I couldn’t use Inglese right away because of the flu and some injuries. Mihaila hadn’t played for two months. Costa hasn’t played a match for a long time, Coulibaly has only trained with us for three days this week. I had anticipated a few problems but the team played, the commitment was there. We shot 16 times but we hit it once with Vazquez, we have to improve on that. We sent it long instead of more passing as we had prepared during the week, we must insist on certain offensive styles where we force the play instead of trying to go around with a better final ball. We faced a fast, brilliant team, the worst we could face now because of our long break and because of some problems with the guys who didn’t train regularly. We’re looking ahead, we’re going to get them back too. We’re sorry, we wanted to do a better match in front of our fans. We will have Inglese, Benedyczak and Mihaila back to full fitness soon. If you don’t train with the team then you can be out of sync with the rest of the team. We have good depth in the attacking department .”

“We will keep going for it, I know that for sure. It’s normal that with a month’s break you don’t have the rhythm of the game but I’ve seen the team keep it up until the end. I knew we didn’t have that aspect, we have to keep at it and move forward because in attack we have shown we have players who if they get going can be dangerous. Today Mihaila was back after two months, he trained with us for eight days. The team deserved more for its commitment, but we have to be better and work more”.

“The way the match looked like it would play out led us to play the guys who had done well before the break like Inglese and Benedyczak, as well as Bonny who came on with the right mentality. He is 18 years old and we have to be patient with guys like him. Against a team with a well organised defensive line, pushing on the outside, their height could be useful in the aerial battle. I wanted to put Man on earlier but it was the last change, we had already made 4, 3 of which were at the same time to inject some energy into the team. There were a few players on the pitch who had been booked and some of the lads might have felt the effects of the pace after a month so I waited before putting him on.

“Benedyczak was out for a bit after the blow he got in Alessandria, Inglese had a few bruises and then the flu, Mihaila has just returned after two months, our problems all came in attack. I’m glad they put minutes in, they will help us out a lot.”

“Things were looking good, we had two good games against Perugia at home where we created chances, we were lively, great to watch, then in Alessandria, we played very well and didn’t give away chances. We must’ve come close to scoring about five or six times and we won 2-0 but we could have scored a third or even a fourth. We were getting there, then we had to stop and unfortunately after that game some guys in the attacking department had a few too many problems. That’s not their fault, it’s bruises, knocks, flu, coming back from injuries. We have to make sure they recover. We also have to improve in some circumstances when it comes to providing for them. We’re working on it and it’s normal that some things are still missing. The boys put the effort in from the first minute right up until the end, they were aggressive too, especially in the last 20 minutes, but we have to have more composure when it comes to that last pass”.

“Us playing too many long balls was also due to how our opponents set up. They pressed hard in some areas of the field, we knew it, we had prepared some ground ball exits to better get around our opponents with more speed. Sometimes we did it well, other times we forced what we shouldn’t have, but this will be a reason to go back to work. Once is enough, but when it keeps happening, we have to get better at linking up and coming back to play out. We will work on it and there will be improvements in this sense. We have room for growth, we’ll do even better and we’ll keep working on the training pitch, at least having these guys out on the pitch you can work on it. If they’re in bed or injured and in rehab, it’s clear they can do a lot less. Cassata? He is a technical player, he has good dynamism, but he is returning from an injury. He arrived three days ago, we are letting him get to know the team and our style of play so he can do his part. I went for Juric today because I needed a big player for the aerial battle, I needed him to get inside the defensive line and win headers. He got there once and was just beaten.

“We are going into the last week of the market? Finally, in the end, what will be done will be done. All the lads who played gave everything they could, they did it in the right way. It’s a shame about the result, but in the past nine days, we’ve been focusing on the next game against Crotone. Someone will come in for each department, I said it yesterday in the conference, we have more games in the week and the replacements with 5 substitutions are vital. Not to mention Covid, so far we’ve had a few flu-like illnesses that fortunately weren’t Covid-related, but they did leave some players out for 6-7 days. If they were Covid-related you might be missing 5-6 players and it’s clear that you have to provide for them. In this sense, we have already spoken with the directors and the club because we need more depth in every department, like in attack, but also in defence or midfield. Even Osorio himself, today, had a problem with his ankle and was not available. But Delprato did very well today. The boys have to keep pushing, we did good things at times, we will continue to work on it”.