Parma, 21 January 2022 – At the end of the match against Frosinone here is what Enrico Delprato had to say in the press room.

“We ended things well in December before the break with a win against Alessandria, and we certainly wanted to keep up the momentum. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the win, which was what we were looking for. I think we were a bit naive when we conceded the first goal because we didn’t take enough risks after. We did react well, but we lacked that last pass, the precision in the shot, in the cross, and unfortunately, we’ve lost today. In these 33 days, we have been working both physically and on what the coach has asked us to do. In my opinion, we played well in today’s game, especially in defence. On the other hand, as I said before, unfortunately, we made a mistake, and with strong teams like Frosinone, you pay for it. Then we were not able to recover the game despite a good reaction”.

The coach tried me out in the back three during the week, but as I’ve always said when the coach calls on me I always try to respond in every part of the pitch, whether as a wingback on either side or in the centre, and I try to do my best in every game. Do the teams currently at the top of the table have something extra that we don’t? They’re teams that have been lucky enough to be working with a coach since the start of the year, so they’ve known each other for longer. Compared to them, we have room for improvement, but it takes time. As is always the case when there is a change of coach it takes time to understand what he wants from us. But as we saw at Alessandria and also today the team is square, it is more secure, but it’s up to us on the pitch to avoid naïvety against teams of this calibre, because if you concede then you throw away a game where you’ve played well”.

“The long break was obviously not decided by us, then we had the misfortune of not playing against Crotone and it was definitely a bad thing because Frosinone had already played during the week, and to come back after 33 days is not easy. Despite this, I think we showed in the first half that we didn’t exactly suffer from this point of view. We struggled at times, in the build-up, we missed that last pass or cross and we should have a bit more confidence in going for that last pass, the shot or making that run to try and finish the move. The goal we conceded? We know Cicerelli, he’s right-footed and he had the advantage of being fresh, but unfortunately, it was a team mistake, it came from a bad throw-in then we conceded and it was difficult to recover from there”.